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Teaser|25 May 2023|2:47

We are happy to announce the launch of the Routing for Communities podcast on 1 June. With 12 episodes, this podcast will be a journey to listen to the life stories of those connecting themselves while defending the fundamental rights and well-being of their communities in remote, rural and urban areas across the globe.

In our first episode, we will discover an inspiring experience from South Africa: the Mamaila Community Network, which is connecting a rural area that had been ignored by major communications providers, while building digital skills.

Our second episode takes us on a trip to Kenya to visit TunapandaNET, an initiative that combines digital networks with community-led action to enable communication, education and health in Kibera, the biggest slum in Africa.

We invite you to listen to the podcast teaser and subscribe here to get the first two episodes as soon as they are released.


Podcast Transcript

Hi, my name is Renata Porto and I will follow you along this twelve-episode season where we are going to travel to different places: South Africa, Mexico, Argentina, Kenya, Brazil, Indonesia, Nigeria, India, UK, Colombia.

We will meet stories and voices that are intertwined, connected by a common thread: building internet and communication community networks. The release is on the first of June!

In this podcast, we invite you on a journey to discover community-led experiences of people who have come up with alternatives to overcome the challenges of digital inclusion in remote, rural, and urban areas across the globe.

During our season together, you are going to listen to the life stories of those connecting themselves while defending the rights and well-being of their communities.

You can follow the season at and on the main podcast platforms

This is the podcast of the Local Networks initiative, a collective effort led by the Association for Progressive Communications and Rhizomatica. production: Rádio Tertúlia.

This podcast is an initiative from the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) and Rhizomatica, produced by Rádio Tertúlia.
Script and production: Vivian Fernandes
Presentation: Renata Porto
Editing and voice-over support: Beatriz Pasqualino
Sound: Lua Gatinoni
Coordination: Beatriz Pasqualino and Débora Prado
Consulting Board: Bruna Zanolli, Cynthia El Khoury, Daniela Bello, Flavia Fascendini, Kathleen Diga ​​​​and Nils Brock
Illustrations: Gustavo Nascimento
Web design: Avi Nash and Cathy Chen