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This Feminist internet Life

FTX Stories of Collaboration, Creativity and Care

In this podcast, we invite you on a journey to explore stories by the voices of over 15 feminist tech activists from the global south! You will start by listening how since the dial-up internet era the paths towards imagining and creating a feminist internet started, leading to building more inclusive, safe and queer feminist movements in the digital age. While having at the core of the process fun and care for people, the earth and our feminist activism.

Here you can listen to some great stories of long-time feminist tech activists and savvy newbies, specially from the APC’s WRP and it’s expanded network. During our season together, we will get inspired by their memories and experiences, all connected by a common thread: making a feminist internet!

We will learn more about the Feminist Tech eXchange, a digital care curriculum that has been developed for years, connecting feminist tech trainers from around the world to exchange knowledge, strategies and care practices. These conversations explore their methodologies, experiences and the wisdom of alternative ways of being online.

So, hit play and join us in this 5 episodes season!

Dial-up to Beijing 1995: The women's communication tent.

Episode 1| | 39 minutes

We start this podcast in the Huairou district in China, where the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) was part of a 40-women team who set up, in 1995, a communication center during the UN 4th World Conference on Women.

The beginnings of the FTX

Episode 2: Feminist practices challenging the politics of technology | | 33 minutes

In this episode, we answer: Why Feminist Tech eXchanges? Directly from the mouths of the digital care trainers who were part of the beginnings of the FTX and their personal journeys with feminism and technology.

This is a WE thing.

Episode 3 : FTX: the first gathering and co-writing the Safety Reboot curriculum| | 40 minutes

Our guests start by sharing stories from the in-person FTX in 2008, totally led by women and hosted in Cape Town, South Africa.

There is no security with a big S

Episode 4: Why digital safety and care? | | 34 minutes

This episode is filled with tips and strategies from different feminists on how to create alternative infrastructures of care and embed affection into digital security trainings and most important, their lives, communities and movements.

We are part of feminist movements

Episode 5 : Honoring feminist digital safety trainers| |

We finish this first season by listen to some new voices around the globe telling how and why they become trainers and some of their biggest challenges and joys as feminist digital security trainers.