#11 Thailand’s first community network connects around 500 homes

Episode 11|2 November 2023|21 minutes

The story you’ll hear in the 11th episode of our season takes place in Thailand. We are going to learn about Professor Kanchaná Kanchanásut’s pioneering venture, which took the internet to this Southeast Asian country. Nowadays, she is in charge of TakNet, Thailand’s first community network, which connects around 500 homes in 30 communities to broadband.

Still in Asia, this time in the Philippines, we talked to John Garrity, a Filipino-American who works as policy advisor and chief of party for the USAID – Better Access and Connectivity project in this country. His work focuses on inclusive growth and policies to reduce poverty, mainly via the implementation of information and communication technologies (ICTs). 

“Routing for Communities” is a 12-episode podcast. Here you will listen to the life stories of people who have come up with alternatives to overcome the challenges of digital inclusion in remote, rural and urban areas across the globe.

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