enREDando makes the work of organisations in Argentina visible

 enREDando.The enREDando website and the local newspaper insert. Photo: enREDando.As part of its commitment to strengthening local civil society organisations (CSO) and their causes, Nodo TAU focuses on access to technology, capacity building and increasing visibility for local CSOs. Nodo TAU is currently undergoing a process of redefinition and is concentrating on the third aim. The web portal enREDando is dedicated to dissemination of the initiatives of local social organisations.

The portal covers the agendas of local environmental, women’s and human rights movements as well as information related to national and global ICT policies. To increase the visibility of these issues, Nodo TAU curates content from enREDando in an insert in El Eslabón, a local independent newspaper recognised for its commitment to human rights. Information produced by FARCO, the Argentine Community Radio Federation, is also shared.

These projects and alliances are very important for building a local network of media working from the perspective of popular communication, which is very important for Nodo TAU.



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