Event to discuss internet policy and trends in intermediary liability in Africa

Publisher: APCNews     JOHANNESBURG, 06 February 2014

From 10-11 February, APC will host the event Internet intermediary liability – Towards evidence-based policy and regulatory reform to ensure free expression and access to information on the internet in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Internet activists, academics, and representatives from governments, business, and the technical community will discuss questions such as:

What are current trends in internet intermediary liability in Africa?
What does “Internet intermediary liability” mean to legal practitioners, activists, civil society organisations, women’s rights defenders, educators, artists and other content creators?
What are the human rights implications of intermediary liability, especially in relation to freedom of expression, freedom of information, freedom of association and violence against women?

About intermediary liabilty
Holding internet intermediaries liable is an increasing global trend that transfers the responsibilities of law enforcement, as well as of copyright enforcement, to internet service providers (ISP), both large and small. Internet intermediaries are therefore increasingly used to police and enforce the law on the internet and even to mete out punishments ranging from content control to user behavior.

More information on APC’s work on intermediary liability here:

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