Making radio spots: Tips from the Argentine Feminist Tech Exchange

The extremely cool Argentinian feminist radio network Nosotras En El Mundo trained 20 grassroots violence-against-women activists to make clips for radio to announce their VAW actions on local radios.

Paola and Soledad talked about the limitations radio has.

It´s just coming at us through one sense – our ears.
What to do? Use music and effects that help create a “sound landscape”.

We don’t see our audience
What to do? Be empathetic. Put yourself in the place of your listeners

It’s over quickly.
What to do? Use repetition and be concrete. Highlight your main idea but be creative so it’s not boring. Use synonyms.

It goes in one ear and out the other.
What to do? Get the listener to identify with you. Be subtle if necessary. Consider your “radio aesthetic”.

Make sure your message is:
Repetitive (with subtle differences)
Not sexist

Sound quality should be 44100 and 16-bit.
Think about recording in a library where the books will absorb echo.

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