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APC enters into a partnership with privacy specialists
APC enters into a partnership with privacy specialists 24 April 2008 FD

A new online privacy and data protection consultancy firm called ‘80/20 Thinking’ is partnering with the internet rights network Association for Progressive Communications (APC) to support initiatives in developing countries that are working towards strengthening democratic processes and civil liberties.

Search warrant at Montreal ISP's offices
Search warrant at Montreal ISP's offices 26 March 2008 Koumbit Networks

On Tuesday March 18 2008, the Internet Service Provider Koumbit Network of Montreal, Canada was visited by two inspectors of the arson investigation department accompanied by

Bytesforall Bangladesh
Bytesforall Bangladesh 06 March 2008

Bytesforall is a networked space for citizens in South Asia. It experiments, highlights and organises debate on the relevance of ICT to development activities. Bytesforall has more than 2,000 subscribers and 10 admin members who run the network. Bytesforall does not have any formal structure, yet the organisation undertakes different projects through its members' personal capacity, contrib...

Korean Progressive Network Jinbonet
Korean Progressive Network Jinbonet 05 March 2008

Korean Progressive Network Jinbonet is a non-governmental organisation founded in 1998 in South Korea. "Jinbo" means "progressive" in Korean. Jinbonet aims to support the growth of civil society activity and communication by providing network services such as web hosting, email, blogs and mailing lists to civil society organisations, trade unions, individuals and progressive projects. Jinb...

Metamorphosis Foundation
Metamorphosis Foundation 19 December 2007

Metamorphosis Foundation works on strengthening the awareness and capacity of citizens and civil society to assume their fullest possible role as activists for democracy, while supporting government to fulfill its democratic role in serving society. Founded in 2004 it's based in Skopje, North Macedonia. The main activities of the organisation include lobbying and advocacy in order to make the s...

Internet governance and global privacy at the IGF
Internet governance and global privacy at the IGF 13 November 2007 APC

Here is an interesting post from Jose Murilo Junior on the Global Voices website, written prior to the start of this year’s IGF, that previews the issues of internet governance and global privacy: "The global debate on Internet governance will once again gather people from all over the world at UN’s IGF, this time in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The process was started last year in Athen...

Rio forum to shine torch on the dark side of the Internet
Rio forum to shine torch on the dark side of the Internet 11 November 2007 APC

In one of the first articles published about the Internet Governance Forum starting on November 12 2007, the AFP news agency says that "The darker corners of the Internet are to be exposed under the bright light of Brazil’s sun next week when a UN conference on how the web is run gets underway. Rio de Janeiro will from Monday host the UN Internet Governance Forum, in which 2,000 participa...

Crackdown on internet users in Bangladesh
Crackdown on internet users in Bangladesh 05 October 2007

Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) members assisted by Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) officials are conducting house-to-house searches in Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet pinpointing each and every internet user with a fast connection. They are collecting user details from all the internet service providers (ISPs) in order to profile more than 450,000 internet subscribers in th...

Pakistan’s Draconian Electronic Crime Bill
Pakistan’s Draconian Electronic Crime Bill 24 September 2007 Jehan Ara, Advisor P@SHA / Shahzad Ahmad, Bytesforall

A controversial Electronic Crime Bill, drafted by The Ministry of IT & Telecom, Government of Pakistan, is currently being tabled in Parliament in advance of a vote. The bill has already been approved by Cabinet and could receive final approval as early as November. Critics say the Bill is draconian and lacks the safeguards to ensure the protection of civil liberties.

EDRI General Assembly Reaffirms Current Course
EDRI General Assembly Reaffirms Current Course 13 September 2007 APC

Delegates representing NGOs-members of the EDRI (European Digital Rights) network took part in the General Assembly (GA) in Berlin September 1-2, 2007, discussing current issues of interest and the overall functioning of the association.

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