EROTICS: Rapport de recherche sur la sexualité et l'internet (résumé executif)

By Jac sm Kee et. al (March 2012, )

Ce résumé offre un survol des résultats de la recherche EROTICS dans cinq pays. Il offre aussi un survol des efforts de la recherche, et les questions qui ont guidé la recherche. Les sommaires donnent une idée de la richesse de cette recherche et de la complexité du sujet.

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What is a Creative Commons license?

How can I protect my privacy?

As governments all over the world have begun to monitor the online activities of their citizens, the right to privacy has become increasingly important. The ease with which governments can now watch large numbers of people with relatively few resources means that the privacy, and safety, of human rights defenders is at risk.

What does this mean for human rights defenders?

The right to freedom of association is the right for individuals to gather with any other individual or group to promote, pursue or defend a common interest. Freedom of peaceful assembly generally refers to the right to participate in political gatherings and demonstrations, while freedom of association generally refers to the right to be part of an organisation or political party.

Network neutrality

The practice of treating all content, information and users on the internet equally is generally referred to as Network Neutrality. Network Neutrality has become an important issue in the last few years as some ISP’s have attempted to “shape” internet connections by favouring certain types of content over others.

Access to the internet

Affordable, universal access to the internet is far from a reality. While some countries have enacted legislation which guarantees access, others are more hesitant, acknowledging the internet’s importance for development but wary of considering it a basic right.

Access to the internet is a multifaceted issue which goes beyond access to the physical infrastructure.

Intermediary liability

Internet intermediaries are the private corporations providing services on the internet through hosting, transmitting, giving access to and indexing internet content. Examples of intermediaries are internet service providers, web site hosts, search engines and social network providers.