Zimbabweans fight while SADC Watches in Silence: A Call to Action

Cape Town, South Africa

The following statement will be run in a least one major newspaper in every country in the SADC region and in at least 2 South African papers. To add your support to this statement (either as an individual or as an organisation) mail your support to Roshnee Narrandes ( Deadline: 14 March 2007 at 16h00.

Crisis in Zimbabwe - state abuse worsens

Cape Town, South Africa

The crisis in Zimbabwe worsens as the state attacked its citizens on Sunday 11 March 2007 which resulted in the death of Gift Tandare. To follow events as they unfold, visit our index page on Strikes and Protests in Zimbabwe in 2007.

BNNRC Campaigns for Waiver of Radio/TV User License Fees in Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication(BNNRC) run campaign and seek dialogues with the Bangladeshi government to get waiver on radio/TV license fees in Bangladesh.

Public Journalism Via Mobile Telephony

Colombo Sri Lanka

Jasmine News in Sri Lanka is exploring the potential for mobile telephones to improve the way journalism is practiced and how the public can become actively involved in the news process.

Pinays discussed takebackthetech and FOSS in the Philippine Conference on FOSS and E-Governance

Manila, Philippines

The conference is all about advocating FOSS in the government specially in the Local Government Unit (LGU) level. Apart from the main event, WomensHub organised a mini-session for women present to talk about the takebackthetech campaign and FOSS training/mentoring for girls.

ICT Update Magazine Issue 35 - Coping with climate change


Leigh Phillips here, editor with ICT Update Magazine, (http://ictupdate.cta.

Reporter releases


Reporters released after five-hour detention

Feb 22,2007 in Rangoon Burma


Japan New Agency reorter

Promote the use of ICT in SNE

Syria- Salamieh Community Telecentre

Promote the use of ICT in SNE

The use (ICT) in special needs education (SNE) is very high on the political agendas of countries.

They we need to be taken to move into the information society and the central role played by education in making the information society a reality is clearly highlighted.

Until now information on the use of ICT in the field of special needs education (SNE) has been limited to national and region level and very little information has been available at the world level.

Promoting youth through ( ICT )

Syria- Salamieh Community Telecentre

Promoting youth through ( ICT )

It’s my pleasure to share you another vital topic which , I do believe may open a vast area of discussion and exchange of ideas. I intend to put forward the above mentioned topic" Promoting youth through ICT"

For the following reasons. There is an increasing interest in youth promotion all over the world especially in MENA region.

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