Getting set... for the launch of the IGF

GOA, India

The Internet Governance Forum‘s inaugural meet is at Athens, Greece from October 30 to November 2, 2006. My Association for Progressive Communications colleagues Frédéric Dubois and Analia Lavin will be there. To get to the background of what this is all about check this Wikipedia page. It has links to the mandate of the IGF, its structure and functions, its history, its analysis, its current situation and some external links.

NEPAD e-School Project : An end-to-end Technology Solution

Johannesburg, South Africa

The NEPAD e-school project is no doubt a very noble idea. It aims to equip schools throughout Africa with an ‘end-to-end Technology solution’. But will this project live beyond the implementation period?

ICT Update Magazine Issue 33 - Urban Agriculture


The latest edition of ICT Update has just been published. This edition’s theme is ‘Urban Agriculture’.

Studies Center for Handicapped Research

Syria - Salamieh Community Center

We very much appreciate your kind to participation in our research, study and handicaps development programs to help increasing our knowledge and ability to improve the conditions of all people with special needs

NEW FOSS PRIZE: Why should I care at all?

BERLIN, Germany

In September 2006, APC launched a new prize called the Chris Nicol FOSS Prize. It’s meant to encourage projects that make use of innovative free and open source software technologies in their activities. Coordinator Karel Novotny was asked by Brazilian journalist Luisa Gockel why the ordinary user should care about this relatively new F-O-S-S acronym.

Remembering Earthquake Victims - Recovery Delayed is Recovery Denied


I still remember that sad Ramadan evening, when news of massive killings started coming in. It indeed was terrible and horrific to see what media was showing. Huge number of dead bodies, crying children and women, and injured lying with wounds bleeding and no medication. Though the disaster was over in less than a minute but left behind colossal damages, miseries and sufferings for affected people.

Coup d'Etat in Thailand


Television and radio broadcasts were suspended yesterday, and back in full-swing again. Meanwhile, bloggers have quickly responded by setting up community sites to let the news out.

Blogging: A new vehicle for Activism

Grahamstown, South Africa

In most African countries, the governments have tried all means to ensure certain ‘dissident’ voices are not heard. Blogging is a new avenue that such voices can be heard

Who gets to speak? 50 million blogs and 6 billion people

DCI workshop, Grahamstown, South Africa

On the first day of the Digital Citizen’s Indaba in Grahamstown, South Africa, Ethan Zukerman asked: “50 million people blog out of a global population of 6 billion people – not exactly representative is it?”

Women in Black

Grahamstown, South Africa

When we went for dinner at the Settlers Monument on September 12, i was surprised to see the "Women in Black".

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