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For me, 15th November@WSIS, by far, was the most interesting and useful day since am here. It was great indeed, when many more email addresses in my address book finally got a face ;)

For me, November15@WSIS, by far, was the most interesting and useful day since am here. It was great indeed, when many more email addresses in my address book finally got a face ;)

PrepCom resumed... concluded in the evening and the actual WSIS summit will open November 16. But there are various activities and events already underway. BCO (Building Communications Opportunities) had canceled all of its planned activities in solidarity with local civil society on human
rights issues in Tunisia.

Time management is getting increasingly difficult here. There is so much happening, and catching up all is impossible. At times, there are events of your core interest, listed at the same time, which is extremely frustrating. But that's how UN conferences are. I experienced the same in Geneva too...

Well, ICT4All exhibition, frankly, is overwhelming and an information overload. However, I plan to do a separate note on this later. It is an interesting corporate and development mix -- and both the "cultures" also are reflected very well, out of these booths.

Attended the first session of Telecentre Leaders Forum. It is a very interesting participatory workshop, spanning four sessions of 90 minutes duration over four days spanning November 15-18.

It is meant for people who are working in telecentres, running telecentre networks, or doing telecentre research.

Someone mentioned that the Canadian International Development Research Centre (IDRC) has funded around 50-60 delegates from all over the world to attend this forum in Tunis. I think this was the reason that the meeting was very crowded.

This particular session mainly discussed the importance of telecentres, and if the Internet connection is absolutely necessary for a telecentre. Frankly, I don't buy this argument and think that telecentre has to do lot more than just providing Fuente: TechSoup Glossary y ">internet


It was interesting debate though, and resolution of our group was that "telecentres are means to achieve community driven development using appropriate technology".

Also met up with Andy Carvin here, in person, though we had been in touch through email since long... pleasant personality!

The other event for November 15 was the World Summit Award's e-content book launching Loads of media and lots of WSA e-content experts from all over the world. Truly an event with diverse and global presence. Will post you on this in details later.

Also attended the CRIS Campaign meeting in the afternoon. The meeting was shocked and extremely concerned about the status of Citizen's Summit and the way the Tunisian authorities are handling things to disrupt the event. Meanwhile, the coordination body of CSIS is strategizing as how to deal with
this awkward situation.

Happy birthday, Natasha!

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