Transfeminist Digital Care Network

The Transfeminist Digital Care Network from Brazil leads since 2021 the Gincana Monstra, a synchronous and asynchronous online process, based on the idea of infrastructure of affection and the creation of a solidarity network among us, in 8 weeks of exchange and learning about digital and ancestral technologies, strategies and security, territoriality, transcentrality and intergenerational knowledge, always based on our own experiences, cosmoperceptions and feelings.

The Gincana Monstra is an all online process to promote learning processes in Digital Care aimed at feminist activists with the intention of being multipliers of this knowledge in their collectives and communities. APC supported the Monstra Gincana by hosting global convenings for TFN to exchange ideas with the global Feminist Tech eXchange (FTX) network of trainers. These convenings enabled a deeper exploration of feminist digital safety methodologies, infrastructures of care and a stronger network of support for and by femininst facilitators and trainers of digital safety.

Read about APC's partnership with the Transfeminist Network of Digital Care and the work done in 2021 and 2022 on digital care.

Feminist Tech Exchange
Feminist Tech Exchange 05 March 2009

Feminist Tech eXchange (FTX) brings WRP’s unique methodology and approach to capacity building. FTX creates safe, creative and feminist spaces of exchange and experience where the politics and practice of technology are informed by local and contextual realities of women, and build collective knowledge and ownership.

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