is a community of people and organisations committed to increasing the social and economic impact of telecentres around the world.

They work together to create the resources telecentres need to succeed:

* Locally relevant content and services
* Support and learning opportunities
* Networks that help telecentre activists connect to each other.

With these things in hand, tens of thousands of telecentres will be in a better position to enrich the communities they serve.

The community includes grassroots activists, national telecentre networks, content and service providers, governments, and organisations who fund telecentre activities. Initial efforts to convene and resource this community were led by a consortium of Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Microsoft, and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). These partners continue to invest in the efforts described above.

ItrainOnline 30 October 2007

ItrainOnline is a partnership involving eight organisations with particular experience in capacity building in development contexts. It aims to assist civil society organizations (CSOs) and other development actors in developing countries to confront the challenges posed by new information and communications technologies (ICTs). In seeking to overcome skills gaps in development, it connects people and know-how with the needs of ICT learners and trainers.

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