Poncelet Ileleji

Poncelet O. Ileleji is a computer scientist by profession with 21 years in the field; he has been involved with the use of ICT as a tool for sustainable development both as a lecturer, researcher and consultant for the Gambia YMCAs, where he is the coordinator of the computer training centre and digital studio. He has also served as consultant for several projects in Africa covering ICT for D, Learning, Technologies and Education, Internet Governance and Health Informatics. He served also as an International Coordinator for the International YMCA of New York, International Camp Counselor Program; He also represents Computer Frontiers Inc in the Gambia.

Poncelet served as the country coordinator for the World Links program in the Gambia during the program life cycle in The Gambia from 2001 to 2005, The program was funded and initiated by the World Bank and it adopted a constructivist approach to teaching with ICT that emphasized a shift away from teacher-centered lecture-based instruction towards student-centered, project-based learning during the program life cycle from 2001 to 2005 in the Gambia.

He Is a member of the British Computer Society, and also a fellow of Mirandanet (www.mirandanet.ac.uk) and an active member of the Association for Progressive Communication (APC).He is a founding member of the Information Technology Association of the Gambia and was elected president of the Association in March 2010 is term ended in April 2014 (www.itag.gm). He is also the national resource person for the West African Internet Governance Forum www.waigf.org the Gambian Chapter and former board member of Africa ICT alliance www.aficta.org and he is a member of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) NPOC Constituency www.npoc.org serving presently as Policy Chair and representing NPOC on the Policy Committee of the Non Commercial Stakeholders Group (NCSG) of ICANN he has also serves on various ICANN working groups. He is an adviser to Ministry of Information Communication and Infrastructure, The Gambia on the Gambian membership of the Governmental Advisory Committee of ICANN. He also served on the Working Group for WG 3 – Privacy and Transparency Online for Freedom Coalition, https://www.freedomonlinecoalition.com/how-we-work/working-groups/working-group-3/ and also represents is organisation in the Open Data Charter as a Steward on the implementation committee, http://opendatacharter.net/ He is also presently on the new Steering Committee of BestBits.