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APCNews: First, can you tell us your name and about the organisation where you work?

Avis Momeni: I am Avis Momeni, the general secretary of PROTEGE QV, based in Cameroon. PROTEGE QV stands for Promotion of Technologies Supporting the Environment and Quality of Life. We are based in Yaoundé.

APCNews: Can you tell me what is your best memory of working with APC?

AM: My best memory with APC is to have been able to meet many APC members, to have travelled thanks to APC, to realise that in fact the work we do within APC is complementary and there are many members who care about and work on community issues, poverty issues and larger societal issues. And how access to information and to information technologies can help communities lift themselves out of poverty.

APCNews: And your most memorable or funniest moment with APC?

AM: My most vivid memory is to have been able to realise a dream I had never imagined… I found myself, again thanks to APC, in Brazil. I found myself in a favela, something I had only seen in documentaries before, and for me it is an amazing memory. I never expected to be able to visit a favela and see how people live, and how people express themselves in the favela.

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