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One World Platform started as One World Platform for Southeast Europe (OWPSEE) in 2005 as an online media platform that provided material in four languages, and worked as an active and efficient Southeast European online community unified in efforts to promote faster democratic developments and positive change within civil societies of the region, through interactive platforms and cooperation (at the local, national, regional and international level).

As of 2015, the new One World Platform (OWP) has grown around three main areas/lines of action:

  • Internet Rights Are Human Rights: The internet is a medium, a tool, a space, but most of all it is a HUMAN RIGHT that each and every one needs to enjoy everywhere. OWP explores the intersection of internet rights and human rights, globally and locally, and advocates for anonymity, privacy, affordable access, and alternatives to copyright.

  • OWP promotes a feminist internet, along with, which it hosts and supports. It explores the intersection between internet rights, women's right and sexualities, and uses technology to empower women and girls.

  • OWP uses the transformative power of technology to increase the capacity and free the creativity of activists, formal and informal groups and civil society organisations together with the citizens of the internet.

Bosnia and Herzegovina