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In 2020, the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) turns 30 years old, and to commemorate this special date we have asked the members of our network about their vision for APC in the next 10 years to come.

While we are celebrating what has been achieved in the past three decades, at the same time we are looking forward to more years of harnessing the collective power of activists, organisations, excluded groups, communities and social movements to create a just and sustainable world, challenging existing power structures and ensuring that the internet is developed and governed as a global public good.

Read the vision for the next 10 years of APC of our individual member Patience Luyeye from Democratic Republic of Congo, who envisions APC having stronger visibility on the African continent, and working on more projects on agriculture and technology, as well as gender-based violence.


Hello everyone! I hope that you’re doing well.

To answer to the question, for 2030:

More visibility for APC in the African continent. This will mean that more activities will have to be done in the various African countries, not just South Africa, so that in 10 years APC will be a hub for many organisations but also and especially young organisations in Africa. 

In 10 years, there will be more projects that focus on agriculture and technology (climate change). In this area women also encounter problems linked to gender-based violence. 

During this period of COVID-19 we found that many people had returned to ICT for the simple reason everyone was confined to their homes but had to work. Others needed to communicate with relatives who are far away to have news. We are witnessing the explosion of online sales or markets. I believe that this is an opportunity for APC in 10 years to relaunch projects on online security, the use of social networks in their work, the right to access the internet and also cybercrime.

Hope we’ll meet again in 2021 and please take care of you and stay safe!