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Common Room is a platform for various activities organised by the Bandung Center for New Media Arts (2001-2006) and anyone interested to initiate their own activities in this particular place. Since 2003, the Bandung Center for New Media Arts has utilised Common Room as an anchor that serves diverse individuals, communities and organisations with an increasing amount of cooperation. Later it became a place were people could add, edit and execute activities based on their own purpose and interest, which mainly focus on developing public knowledge and creativity.

Up until now, Common Room has been facilitating numerous exhibitions, screenings, workshops, lectures, discussions, small-scale music concerts, cultural festivals, etc. It has becoming a place that bridges dialogue and multidisciplinary cooperation intended to connect numerous individuals, communities and organisations with diverse economic, social and micro-political interests through certain negotiations, daily experiences and knowledge exchange. It is an open platform for experimentation and creative collaboration to achieve common goals and opportunities for those who are actively involved within Common Room and its existing networks.

Currently a new structure has emerged and been developed in Common Room. Not merely a physical space, it has also become a transit space facilitating public interest in developing creative knowledge and collaboration. It is a melting pot for many events and enables the growth of new ideas that accommodate the needs of dialogue, conventions and multidisciplinary collaborations that liberate discourse from its limitations. Common Room activities encompass a vast sphere, starting from documenting and exploring phenomena, ideas, models and new concepts born from multidisciplinary approaches in the field of visual arts, design, urban architecture, music, fashion, literature, media arts, network culture, as well as ongoing research and development on urban culture and urban ecology.

Areas of expertise