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Alternatives, the Action and Communication Network for International Development, is a Montréal-based non-governmental organisation.

Founded in 1994, Alternatives works to promote justice and equality among individuals and communities located in the North and the South. Active in over 35 countries, Alternatives supports local, community-based initiatives working towards the greater economic, social and political rights of people and communities affected by poverty, discrimination, exploitation and violence.

In each region, Alternatives works in direct partnership with groups of women and men who are struggling for progress, respect and justice, as well as peace and the sustainable development of their community, their environment and their region. Alternatives supports network creation between groups so that they can benefit from their shared experiences and successes. Network formation is crucial since it allows for deepened analysis and comprehension of the conflicts affecting their communities from the outside.

Alternatives’ and its partners’ international solidarity projects are focused on:

  • The environment and sustainable development
  • Democracy
  • Rehabilitation of communities affected by war
  • Good governance
  • Socioeconomic justice and equality
  • Civil, political, economic, social and human rights
  • The fight against poverty
  • Women’s rights, equality between genders, the inclusion of women in all spheres of society
  • Education and inclusion of youth
  • Civil society development, management and autonomy
  • Freedom of organisation, of information, of the press and of religion.
Areas of expertise