Television White Spaces Spectrum in Africa: The Story So Far in 2013

Steve Song’s blog post on the forum co-organised by APC, Google and Microsoft, which took place in May in Dakar, Senegal.

Last week I attended an event in Dakar entitled the TV White Spaces Africa Forum 2013. It was an event organised and largely sponsored by Google in partnership with a number of other organisations including Microsoft, Internet Society Senegal, Afrinic, APC, and the Senegalese Ministry of Communication, Telecommunications and the Digital Economy. TV White Spaces (TVWS) refer to an alternative approach to radio spectrum management that allows for the dynamic re-use of unused spectrum, particularly but not exclusively television spectrum. In a subsequent post, I will attempt a plain-English explanation of why this is an important technical and regulatory innovation, particularly for countries that are struggling to provide comprehensive, affordable access to their people.

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