Follow our internet rights event on Twitter and join the conversation!

We’re hosting a human rights and interent event at the Human Rights Council on June 3rd. We would love to see you all there, since remote participation will be available. We also invite you to follow us on Twitter and take part in the debate.

We’ll be using the hashtags #fxinternet #apc #HRC17 and #genderit (for women’s rights and gender issues).

These are the accounts that we’ll be using and you might be interested in following. Please add your accounts and reccommendations in a comment!

APC accounts
APCNouvelles:!/APCNouvelles!/GenderITorg in Spanish:!/GenderITorgES

Personal accounts of staff/partners attending (please add!)!/anriette!/internetrights (Joy)!/FlaFlak (Flavia)!/Cergori (Kaca)

Other interesting accounts
Human Rights watch:!/hrw
Freedom of expression on the internet:!/fxinternet