APC co-dirigera un partenariat pour le développement

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Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP)Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP)The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) has been elected to the Global Knowledge Partnership ‘s executive committee on April 9 2008. In what has been the election with the highest turnout in GKP history (77% of eligible voter organisations participated), the APC network, along with four other groups have been elected to join the executive committee for a duration of two years.

The Global Knowledge Partnership is an alliance of more than 85 organisations that work in the information and communication technology for developement (ICT4D) as well as the knowledge for developement (K4D) fields.

Based on the number of votes secured, the following five member organisations have been elected to the GKP executive committee term 2008-2010:

APC, who has been in the partnership for many years, says it believes that ICTs are tools that can support innovation, learning, networking, dialogue and debate; and thereby contribute to social, political and economic empowerment.

“But ICTs can also be harmful,” it’s letter of intent reads. “In the context of climate change, and approaches to development that tend to blindly promote increased consumption and production without questioning sustainability, it is important that GKP creates spaces where these challenges can be faced, and where alternative more sustainable solutions can be discussed.”

APC will work towards a vision for GKP that is informed by a commitment to social justice and sustainable development. The 50 member association APC will bring a strong human rights orientation to the GKP executive committee, as well as extensive experience in network building. “We also bring our commitment to women’s rights and gender equality, and our expertise in ICT policy advocacy,” APC’s statement specifies.

The new “EXCOMM” members will join the following remaining executive committee members who are serving their 2007-2009 term.

The GKP body will convene in Switzerland on April 20-21 for its first meeting to elect a new chair, appoint a new membership committee chair, and discuss GKP priorities for the future, including the 4th Global Knowledge Conference.

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