APC Member Meeting 2014

On 1-9 June 2014, the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) is holding its 2014 Member Meeting in Barcelona, Spain, hosted by APC member Pangea at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (BarcelonaTech UPC). This will be the APC network’s 12th face-to-face member meeting since it was founded in 1990.

The APC 2014 Member Meeting is the most important gathering for the APC community. Organisational members, individual affiliates, staff and partners will come together to share learning and activities, strengthen networking and collaboration within the community, assess progress and identify priorities in our strategic plan (2013-2016), and get to know each other better. APC Council members will also elect APC’s Board of Directors at this event. We are pleased to announce that this is the first time individual affiliates will be joining a Member Meeting.

Day-by-day schedule

All participants are invited to the following events:

Internet Rights Training
Date: 1-3 June
About: APC will provide training for participants based on the Internet Rights Are Human Rights curriculum. This is a series of training modules which aim to build understanding of the relationship between human rights, ICTs and the internet.

June 1 pm and June 2 am: APC will work with specific trainers to share methodologies and plan for delivery of the curriculum to meeting participants.
Location: Room C6-220 (1 June pm) and Room C6-E101 (2 June am)

Agenda 1-2 June 2014: Training of Trainers Event

Meet the trainers

June 2 and 3: Participants will work with trainers in small groups to learn about the international human rights regime, using case studies to critically discuss the impact of the internet on human rights and to analyse the theory and practical implications related to the rights to freedom of expression, freedom of association and privacy.
Location: Agora Room

Agenda 2-3 June 2014: APC Internet Rights Training Event

More resources for the training are available on:

APC’s Connect Your Rights Campaign
Overview of UN resolutions on human rights online.
UN Human Rights Council Resolution on freedom of expression and the internet, June 2012.
Advocate General’s opinion in the data retention case
ACLU report on privacy in the digital age

Although it is not essential, participants can print any of these and bring them at the training.

Date: 4-5 June
Location: Agora Room
About: TakeBackTheNet is an event where human rights advocates and transformative technology providers will meet to discuss what civil society organisations and individuals can do to restore trust in communication infrastructure.

The event is being held on the anniversary of the revelations by Edward Snowden that exposed an unprecedented level of mass surveillance of internet users. TakeBackTheNet comes at a crucial time. The outpouring of concern by citizens over the last year has yet to provoke satisfactory responses from governments or service providers. Part of the answer to this problem is for civil society and tech activists to take measures into their own hands by adopting, en masse, tools that are sustainable and liberating. Yet choosing alternatives can be challenging. TakeBackTheNet will bring together security experts and service providers with civil society and tech activists to address these questions, share solutions, develop strategies, and establish new norms for the future.

Resources: http://takebackthenet.apc.org/

APC Chris Nicol FLOSS Prize
Date: 4 June
Location: Aula Master Room
About: The APC Chris Nicol FLOSS Prize, which recognises initiatives that are making it easy for people to start using free/libre and open source software (FLOSS), will be awarded.

Resources: https://flossprize.apc.org

Share & Remix
Date: 6 June
Location: Agora Room
About: APC’s Share & Remix is an open space for sharing, learning and skills exchange among APC members, staff and partners. Using the formats of short presentations, open microphone and open space methodology, network members will update each other on the work they are doing, propose joint campaigns, and plan new collaborations. This is a space for stories, films, posters, songs and poetry as well as a a place for hands-on sessions on open source tools and other tips and tricks or for brainstorming about fundraising strategies. Participants will create the agenda for the day with what they bring to the sessions and the topics they propose for discussion. The outcomes will feed into the APC network’s future collaborative initiatives.

Happy hour sessions
Date: 2-6 June
Location: Location varies
About: There will be daily happy hour sessions from 18:00 to 19:00 on 2-6 June for which participants can propose sessions. These can be presentations about their work, skills-sharing sessions, activity planning and others. Please contact Karel Novotný if you would like to host a session.

These activities are for APC members, staff and invited partners:

Welcome and orientation for new APC members
Members and staff
Date: 3 June
Location: Agora Room
About: Since its last member meeting, APC has been joined by 22 organisational and individual members. It will be a great opportunity and pleasure for APC to be able to meet face to face with new colleagues, and to learn about their work and the teams they lead. New members present in Barcelona will be given a special welcome and orientation about the APC network.

APC Board of Directors Meeting
Board members and staff
Date: 3 June
Location: Room C6-E101
About: The APC Board of Directors meets twice a year. In this meeting, the APC Board will review all reports and plans for the Council Meeting.

APC Council Business Meeting and Elections
Members and staff only
Date: 8 June
Location: Agora Room
About: The meeting will include reports from the Executive Board and Executive Director Anriette Esterhuysen, a review of implementation of APC’s 2014-2016 strategic plan, a report on APC priorities for 2014, resolutions and election of the APC Board of Directors. APC governance matters on the agenda for this day are open only to APC Council members (designated voting representatives).

Resources: http://meeting.apc.org/tiki/tiki-index.php?page=APCcm2014 – Please note that this page is only accessible to APC Council Members and staff.

Council Business Meeting and Board of Directors Elections Agenda

Project planning
Members and staff
Date: 9 June
Location: Room C6-E101
About: Project meeting on the End Violence: Women’s Safety Online project for some members and staff.

Download the event Logistics Advisory.

Members at the meeting
In addition to the organisational members who are attending the meeting (which are listed below), the following affiliates will attend:

  • Honza Malík
  • Melaku Gurma
  • Poncelet Ileleji
  • Rolf Kleef
  • Serge Ziehi

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