Technology Bundle – the Benefits of Combined Phone and Internet Service in 21st Century

When you install a Charter cable service that combines phone and internet (and also TV, if you like, making the full three prongs of a triple play package), you get benefits all over the place. Cost, ease of use and cross channel compatibility all come into play, with a host of user friendly features making home communications as intuitive and flexible as you’ve always wanted them to be.

Sounds effusive I know, but then I’m still reeling a little from how impressed I actually am with our own new Charter installation. I’d heard good things from business associates and finally decided to hook our home up – so I could work, the family could play and everyone would be happy. What I didn’t expect (I should have done, I know, everyone had told me about it enough times) was the ease with which everything flows into everything else. I guess I’ve been so used to being underwhelmed by things everyone else thinks are amazing (sorry Harry Potter!) that I just didn’t expect the Charter cable connection to be all that great.

Here’s what I like about it: I pay once per month for all the communication our home uses. That’s TV, internet and phone use. The connection all comes in on one cable so I’m saving money in connection fees and in overall usage – because my bill, while it runs three “separate” entities, is only maintaining one physical cable.

I say “separate”, because the whole point of the Charter cable system is that everything bleeds into everything else. So if we’re watching TV and someone calls, we no longer have to get up and see who’s on Caller ID – because it pops up there on the screen for us to see. If we want to take the call, we can pause the show or movie we’re watching and come back to it later – even rewinding the scene if we can’t remember what was happening just before the phone rang!

With a digital phone system, you also get a host of business applicable features, perfect for running your company from home. I have a professional standard answering service and call waiting.

The cost of calling varies from cheap to extremely cheap, depending on the overall Charter cable package you go for. Because the phone is using VoIP (Voice over Internet Provider) technology, you are not using anyone else’s phone line to transmit your call – meaning even long distance and international calls are suddenly completely affordable. It’s like having your own private version of Skype without the uncertainty you always get when you use a free internet telephony service.

Communications companies like Charter have seen things that traditional internet connectivity suppliers were maybe never placed to understand – that all forms of communication can effectively go through the same connection. When you hook your home up like that the devices you use to consume your cable signal (internet, phone, TV) become parts of a communications hub: you just dip into the ether from whatever platform you see fit.

Combining home internet and phone use is an ideal starting point for a revolution that (I hope) will just keep on getting bigger. What I want to know is – when can I carry that signal with me wherever I go?

About The Author:

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