Show your support for internet rights

APC is calling on governments to follow up on their recent commitments to freedom of expression. At the Human Right’s Council’s 17th session over 40 countries signed on to a joint statement commending the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression’s report, which was presented to the Council and featured at the APC side event on 3 June. The Special Rapporteur urged governments to take a variety of steps to respect, protect and promote freedom of expression and human rights in relation to the internet.

In 2010 only 9 nine countries signed on to the joint statement about the Special Rapporteur’s annual report. The jump in support is an important development, showing that governments are waking up to the idea that human rights apply to the internet and must be respected. It is time to follow up on governments and ask them what they are doing next.

How you can help

Is your country in the list of signatories to the statement? Write your delegation to congratulate them. Ask them what actions they will take to implement the recommendations of the Special Rapporteur.

Is your country missing? Ask them why they haven’t signed.