La violencia se detiene con nosotras. ¡Dominemos la tecnología! comienza este mes

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Publicado en APCNoticias     CUERNAVACA, 15 Noviembre 2012

Tech-related violence against women and girls is increasing – but so are our stories of survival and strategies to make the internet a safe space for women. Join Take Back the Tech! this 25 November through 10 December to help end violence against women and girls online.

Share your stories & increase your tech skills

In 2012 Take Back the Tech! will be gathering stories of survival – in video, audio, images, text or texture – however campaigners care to contribute – spotlighting 16 stories for 16 days. Each story comes from women’s realities of tech-related VAW, how they are using technology to creatively exercise their rights and speak out against violence, and what steps we can all take to be safe online.

Take Back the Tech! campaign in PhilippinesTake Back the Tech! campaign in Philippines

Map with us

Take Back the Tech! campaigners in seven countries are mapping cases of tech-related VAW: private sexting images gone viral in the Philippines, Facebook as a fast & easy trafficker’s tool in Mexico, mobile phones as a surveillance tool in DRC. Join us mapping your experience or cases you learn about on our global map. Tell your own stories, ask someone you know to share hers, or join with others to document cases that have appeared in the news. Every story is important.

Map it! Map it on the Take Back the Tech! online platform and help collectively build a body of evidence on the reality and dimensions of violence that takes places online and through mobile phones against women and girls. Make the invisible visible and demand change.

Take action! Take Back the Tech!

Technology-related violence against women creates unsafe online spaces that compromise our ability to freely express ourselves, access information and build communities. They violate our rights to privacy, autonomy, bodily integrity and security. This in turn, impacts on our ability to fully participate in shaping the society we live in.

During the 16 days, take creative action to amplify our voices on internet rights and against violence.

Join Take Back The Tech! calling on women, boys, girls and men to take control of technology to end violence against women. From 25 Nov to 10 Dec, all campaigners are invited to collectively gather evidence for transformation, strengthen our skills in online safety and amplify our rights in addressing technology-related violence against women.


Take Back the Tech! campaign

Take control of technology to end violence against women
 25 Nov – 10 Dec 2012

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