Apêndice 2: Primeiro rascunho da estrutura do relatório

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brasil, 27 Diciembre 2004

Preliminary draft outline of a structure –

elements for consultation [1]

0 Introduction (Background, Mandate, Methodology)

1 Working definitions: Internet and Internet governance

2 Evolution of the Internet

(a) Early R&D Phase, 1969 – 1990

(b) Commercialization, internationalization and convergence, 1990 –

© Globalization and the Internet

3 Current situation

© Functions and actors

(d) Internet governance mechanisms

4 Inventory of Public Policy Issues and Priorities [2]

(a) equitable distribution of resources

(b) access for all

© stable and secure functioning of the Internet

(d) multilingualism and content

(e) other issues for consideration

5 Future developments and scenarios

(a) technological

(b) policy/regulatory

6 “Proposals for action, as appropriate”

(a) functions and actors

(b) Internet governance mechanisms

(i) formal institutional arrangements

(ii) non-formal arrangements

© possible options

(d) capacity bulding

1 This preliminary draft outline reflects the discussions of the WGIG at its first meeting. It has been accepted as a basis for future work, but it is understood that this outline will evolve in the course of the work of WGIG.

2 Categories (a) – (d) reflect agreed language as in para 48 of the Declaration of Principles. These categories will constitute the initial framework for the identification of public policy issues.

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