Mariana Fossatti Cabrera Spanish-English editor and content production coordinator


Mariana is a researcher, teacher and activist on feminism, free culture and human rights in digital environments. Her background is in sociology and she has a master's degree in Society and Development. She co-founded the digital cultural centre Ártica in 2011, and co-founded the Uruguayan chapters of Creative Commons and Wikimedia in 2013. In addition, Mariana has worked with numerous other projects, such as the Uruguayan study group Laboratorio Datos y Sociedad (Datysoc), and the online campaign #VisibleWikiWomen with the Whose Knowledge? initiative. She has trained feminist activists on technopolitics, online privacy, security and digital culture. As an activist, she has gathered experience in advocacy, public policy analysis, and parliamentary lobbying. Mariana is also a visual artist focused on collage and remix culture. She lives in Uruguay.

Purpose of position

The bilingual Spanish-English editor and content production coordinator manages the quality and diversity of content production for, including development of an editorial plan and managing publication deadlines with a range of contributors. They are also part of the APC Women Rights Programme’s Feminist Internet Research Network project, responsible for facilitating knowledge exchanges with feminist researchers in the field of digital technology and coordinating the production of the main research publications.

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