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Hiure Queiroz

Hiure Queiroz holds an undergraduate degree in physics and a Masters degree in materials science from the Technological Institute of Aeronautics (ITA) and is a founding partner of Sítio do Astronauta. He is interested in the study and development of science and technologies through the promotion of seminars and workshops inspired by the do-it-yourself culture. In these meetings he introduces handcrafted tools, simple materials and electronics in order to foster the construction of objects which could serve to facilitate solutions in everyday life. Hiure is a very dedicated researcher, responsible for some important technical developments and solutions currently provided by Coolab.

He has been participating in the community network for a year, exchanging knowledge in many events and gatherings, and was appointed by Coolab to make a technical visit to Shulinab, in Guyana, to evaluate and document the possibility of installing community infrastructure in that location. He also participated in the First Latin American Summit of Community Networks, and is working on the development of software and hardware for community networks, making all the documentation available at and

Coolab representative for the community networks learning grant initiative