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AlterMundi is a civil association based in Argentina that has been working actively in the promotion of community networks toward technological sovereignty, focusing on multiple aspects: software, hardware, documentation, and progress in regulatory issues in Argentina.

In all its activities, it values joint work with members of other networks in the world to achieve versatile results that serve in multiple cases, although its priority is always the rural scenarios or digitally isolated.

In terms of software development, AlterMundi seeks to facilitate the tasks of deployment, monitoring and maintenance of community networks. For example, it has developed the LibreMesh firmware; software and network administration applications, such as LimeApp and LibreMap; a remote support system for external support, called Soporterremoto; and a decentralised content-sharing application designed for networks connected or not to the internet, For all its software and documentation it uses free-use licences, and its LibreRouter router is also open hardware.

In regulatory matters, it strongly influenced the drafting and approval of the regulation of permits for providers of non-profit ICT services for community networks in Argentina, in force since last year. It is currently reviewing the path to applying projects financed by the Argentine universal access fund, while making its own proposals.


Community networks learning grant recipient

Twitter/X: @AlterMundiNet