APC celebrates Africa Day with roundtable addressing human rights and the internet

JOHANNESBURG 25 May 2017 (APC for APCNews)

As the world commemorates Africa Day this week, APC is convening a roundtable in partnership with the South African Human Rights Commission and the Network of African National Human Rights Institutions in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Access and beyond: Motivations for internet use

Cape Town, South Africa

Do you remember why you went online for the first time in your life?

CITAD trains journalists on internet safety and security


Cross-section of participants at the workshopCross-section of participants at the workshopThe Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) held the second round of an internet safety and security workshop series in March 2017.

Save the date: South Africa to host Forum on Internet Freedom in Africa, 27-29 September 2017

JOHANNESBURG 21 April 2017 (APC for APCNews)

FIFAfrica convenes various stakeholders from the internet governance and online rights arenas in Africa and beyond to deliberate on gaps, concerns and opportunities for advancing internet freedom on the continent.

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Access and beyond: Navigating the gendered cyberspace

Cape Town, South Africa

Affordability is one of the primary barriers to internet access, and particularly to optimal use. Knowing this fully from our previous research, Research ICT Africa (RIA) conducted focus groups in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Rwanda in November 2016.

Internet use barriers and user strategies: Perspectives from Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Rwanda

OTT services have become the main entry point to the internet for most users in the prepaid mobile environment that characterises most African markets.

Giving my spirit voice: Interview with Helen Nyinakiiza

18 March 2017 (Namita Aavriti for

Helen Nyinakiiza, a digital security trainer for human rights defenders and consultant for Amnesty’s Panic Button project, recently joined the APC network as an individual member.

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An eye-opening experience in Guadalajara

South Africa

Masibulele being interviewed during IGF 2016.Masibulele being interviewed during IGF 2016.My name is Masibulele Siya, but I’m also known as Jay where I live in rural Eastern Cape in South Africa. I was born in the mid-1980’s and raised in these rural areas, but I left my homeland for about seven years for educational purposes.

Promoting the right to information across Africa at the Forum on Internet Freedom


Internet freedom, according to the Forum on Internet Freedom in Africa (FIFAfrica) 2016, means access to any kind of information through the internet. Free flow of information. Nothing should hinder your access.

IGF 2016: How applicable is the multistakeholder approach to internet governance in Africa?

Kampala, Uganda

What is the value for Africans in international internet governance processes if the approach towards internet governance on the continent has not fully embraced the multistakeholder model?

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