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By APC (November 2009, APC )
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Building consensus on internet access at the IGF

By Abiodun Jagun (May 2008, APC )

This paper identifies and documents the main areas of discussions and ‘recommendations’ that were generated under the Access theme at the second Internet Governance Forum in Rio De Janeiro, November 2007.

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Map: APC networking and collaboration

By APC (November 2007, APC )
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CIVICUS 8th World Assembly

Date and time: 
Jun 18 2008 (All day) - Jun 21 2008 (All day)

The CIVICUS World Assembly is a forum for international civil society representatives to get together, exchange ideas, experiences and build strategies for a just world.

Convergence for development: Community radio as a digital inclusion strategy

By Carlos Rivadeneyra Olcese (October 2007, APC )

The distinction between “new” and “old” technology is no longer significant in the current state of technology convergence. People from community radios and telecentres are working together for more democratic and participatory access to communication, specifically in rural and poor urban areas. This paper by Carlos Rivadeneyra provides conceptual tools to re-think, from this perspective, what we understand by information society [pdf version, in Spanish].

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Frequently asked questions about multi-stakeholder partnerships in ICTs for development

By Lishan Adam, Tina James and Alice Munyua Wanjira (September 2007, APC )

Publication on multi-stakeholder partnerships in ICTs for develpment

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Whose Summit? Whose Information Society?

By David Souter (January 2007, APC )

The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) has been roundly criticised in the past and this new study from APC concludes that the summit “is not the best starting point for new action.” So, what is the point of looking at how developing country delegations and civil society fared at the summit? Because, says the author “it is always important to learn from experience – particularly where it did not deliver up to expectations”.

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CONGO Board meeting

New York
Date and time: 
Feb 28 2008 (All day) - Mar 1 2008 (All day)

The Conference of NGOs in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations.

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