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Source: APC Annual Report 2006

Access and beyond: Motivations for internet use

Cape Town, South Africa

Do you remember why you went online for the first time in your life?

A place for all: On being diverse and inclusive @RightsCon

Image from original work "Web Women Want" by Willow Brugh: Licensed under CC-BY-SA-2.0.Image from original work “Web Women Want” by Willow Brugh: Licensed under CC-BY-SA-2.0.There were countless reasons for a young, Malaysian feminist, internet rights activist, to be excited about RightsCon Brussels.

The Internet of Things: Smart devices, quantified self, dolls and vibrators

Image by Namita Aavriti, courtesy Cayla the hackable dollImage by Namita Aavriti, courtesy Cayla the hackable dollIf an object has a chip, it becomes smart, and by extension our houses become smarter – and so do our cities, hospitals, toys, phones.

10 ways to make Twitter work for feminist activism

Cape Town, South Africa

Twitter provides people with a platform to share their opinions, to interact with like-minded people (not always), and to communicate in real-time and on a global scale.

Open software movements, open content, free culture: Where are the women?


In 2011 a study by GroupLens revealed the gender imbalance on Wikipedia, and there was an outpouring of articles in the global media about the notorious absence of women in the world’s largest virtual encyclopedia. At that point the Wikimedia Foundation set in motion an ambitious plan to try to incorporate more women.

I want to be a Pokémon master

Aguascalientes, Mexico

I am AkiConterR and my companion is a “Pidgeotto” who I call “Pid”. I belong to Team Mystic; I am on level 7 and I have 53 Pokémons (72, actually, but some of them I transferred).

The architectures of online harassment (Part 1)

On 3 January, Caroline Sinders and I conducted a workshop at Tactical Tech about applying design-thinking approaches to understanding and addressing online and offline harassment.

Algorithmic discrimination and the feminist politics of being in the data

Image source: Gisela Giardino, FlickrImage source: Gisela Giardino, Flickr Concern with the role Facebook may or may not have played in swaying the outcome of the U.S.

2nd edition Gender Policy in Community Radio Stations of Bangladesh

2nd edition Gender Policy in Community Radio Stations
of Bangladesh…

Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) is a national networking body working for building a democratic society based on the principles of free flow of information, equitable & affordable access to Information & Communication Technolo

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