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APC condemns brutal state attacks on Oaxacan civil society

By APC (June 2016, APCNews )
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Joint letter to the UN on social media and device collection at US borders

17 February 2017 (Various for APCNews)

These practices persist in violation of the United States’ human rights treaty obligations, and action is needed to hold the US government accountable for the protection of human rights at US borders, which are not zones of exclusion or exception.

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Online privacy through a gendered lens in Bangladesh


Collage by Namita AavritiCollage by Namita Aavriti The ever-growing advancement of information technology is not without perils. Online privacy has been at stake for a while now and the protection of personal information is under attack. We no longer have control over our private data. It is now a commodity up for sale to the highest bidders.

FLOSS development is a best practice in cybersecurity


I participated in the 10th annual Internet Governance Forum in Guadalajara, Mexico last month in December 2016.

New report analyses DDoS attacks against Black Lives Matter website

MONTREAL 19 December 2016 ( for APCNews)

A new report from APC member organisation reveals more than a hundred separate denial-of-service attacks against the official Black Lives Matter website in a seven-month period.

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Big data and sexual surveillance

By Nicole Shephard (December 2016, APC )

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In the words of Snowden, spying on journalists in Quebec “is a radical attack on journalism of the free press”


It was revealed this week that at least seven journalists in Quebec, working for Radio-Canada, La Presse and La Journal de Montréal, have been spied on by the Montreal police (SPVM) and Quebec provincial police (SQ). Further revelations have shown journalists to have been under surveillance since 2008, some for as long as five years at a time.

APC welcomes UNGA resolution to protect right to privacy in the digital age in the face of challenges

22 November 2016 (APC for APCNews)

APC welcomes the UN General Assembly’s adoption of the resolution on the right to privacy in the digital age and expresses appreciation for the leadership by Brazil and Germany. This year’s resolution adds substantive language on the role of the private sector, which, as the resolution notes, poses a risk to the enjoyment of the right to privacy in the digital age because of its increasing capabilities to collect, process and use personal data.

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Multistakeholder working group sets norms for cybersecurity policy that respects human rights

COSTA RICA 25 October 2016 (APC for APCNews)

At last week’s sixth annual Freedom Online Conference, the Freedom Online Coalition launched policy recommendations for human rights-based approaches to cybersecurity.

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