Feminist tech exchange teaches Afghani women more than skills

CALGARY 21 March 2012 (LC for APCNews)

While some women were being showered with flowers to celebrate international women’s day, Afghani women activists were diligently learning new tech skills at a four-day Feminist Tech Exchange held in Kabul by the APC women’s programme. The experience has left them with much more than just technology skills.

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Feminist Technology Exchange (FTX) - South Africa

Date and time: 
Mar 7 2011 (All day) - Mar 9 2011 (All day)

Feminist Technology Exchange (FTX) - Cambodia

Date and time: 
Jan 17 2011 (All day) - Jan 21 2011 (All day)

Strategic use of ICTs breaks the silence on violence against women and girls in Busia District.

Busia, Uganda

Like in many communities of Uganda wife battering, marital rape, denial of love, defilement, grabbing of widows properties, early and forced marriage, forced prostitution, defilement, sexual harassment, widow inheritance and other forms of violence against women (VAW) seem to be normal practices in the rural communities of Busia District.

Women and girls suffer quietly because according to t

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