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Digital convergence: Global trends in broadband and broadcast media concentration

18 March 2016 (Mike Jensen for APCNews)

Advances in the use of ICTs have huge potential to offer better access to information and more freedom of expression, but these technology advances are also leading to growing consolidation and cross-ownership of electronic media platforms, built on the convergence of broadcast and broadband media.

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Digital transition in Senegal – let’s not forget the social costs

CALGARY 29 November 2011 (LC for APCNews)

For developing countries, digital broadcasting migration is yet another issue in a long list of challenges. In a new report written by Coura Fall for APC, the ICT (information and communication technology) expert explains that the transition presents more than economic challenges. Social challenges must also be taken into account.

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To DVB-T or not to DVB-T? Ghanaian committee must make up its mind

CALGARY 28 October 2011 (LC for APCNews)

As West Africa’s fifteen countries migrate to digital TV by 2015, the people responsible for the change-over in Ghana have been struggling to determine which technology to use. Meanwhile the process hasn’t developed much and most Ghanaians have not been informed of this upcoming migration, says the author of new research carried out for APC.

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Recommendations made at the WATRA workshop on the migration to digital broadcasting in West Africa

ACCRA 11 October 2011 (WATRA for APCNews)

West-African countries are currently in a race against time to switch from analogue to digital broadcasting. A one-day regional workshop held by the West African Telecoms Regulators Assembly (WATRA) and ECOWAS helped establish recommendations and steps for going forward to help those countries undergoing the transition.

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Digital broadcast migration in West Africa: Ghana workshop report

By Tanko Mohammed (June 2011, APC and Balancing Act )

The Ghana analog to digital migration workshop brought together almost 40 key stakeholders from the different sectors and provided them with key information of the mandated migration and educated them of the urgency, consequences, cost and strategies that could be taken during this initiative.

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Digital broadcast migration in West Africa: Nigeria Workshop Report

By Emmanuel Edet (August 2011, APC )
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Digital broadcast transitioning: The benefits – and the obstacles

CALGARY 5 September 2011 (LC for APCNews)

Africa has committed to move to digital broadcasting by June 2015. In West Africa, very few countries have begun the migration. Rife with challenges, the process is daunting to most, with the benefits largely unclear. A new paper from APC and Balancing Act investigates.

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New research on digital migration in West Africa offers solutions

MONTEVIDEO 13 June 2011 (APC for APCNews)

African countries committed to migrating from analogue to digital broadcasting by 2015 – but migration won’t be easy or cheap. Findings provide the data and tools for broadcasters and regulators to make informed decisions.

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Digital Broadcast Migration in West Africa: Collected research

By APC (June 2011, APC )
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Digital broadcast migration in West Africa: Nigeria Research Report

By Fola Odufwa (April 2011, APC and Balancing Act )
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