It's 2016 and Facebook is still terrified of women's nipples


Republished with permission from Feminism in IndiaRepublished with permission from Feminism in India

Time and again, Facebook proves to be that Uncle who keeps telling you your skirt is too short, but keeps a stack of highly sexualized and objectifying images of women in his folder.

Facebook and I have had a difficult relationship when it came to women’s bodies, e

Big data and sexual surveillance

By Nicole Shephard (December 2016, APC )

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In the words of Snowden, spying on journalists in Quebec “is a radical attack on journalism of the free press”


It was revealed this week that at least seven journalists in Quebec, working for Radio-Canada, La Presse and La Journal de Montréal, have been spied on by the Montreal police (SPVM) and Quebec provincial police (SQ). Further revelations have shown journalists to have been under surveillance since 2008, some for as long as five years at a time.

Digital safety in context: Perspectives on digital security training and human rights realities in the Arab world

20 May 2016 (APC)

During 2011, in the period dubbed the “Arab Spring”, the internet was a space for mobilisation. Since then, it has also become a space for oppression of activism and dissent. This research aims to highlight the links between the efforts of digital security trainings in the region with the human rights realities, focusing on two case studies: Morocco and Palestine.

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Call for international solidarity with human rights in Sudan online and offline

3 May 2016 (APCNews)

On Wednesday 4 May 2016, Sudan will undergo a formal review by the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva. Sudanese human rights defenders and international civil society are urging all concerned actors to hold the government of Sudan accountable for ongoing human rights violations.

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Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2016, yet another story of deception from democracy

By B4A, MMfD & APC (April 2016, )

ISLAMABAD, April 14, 2016: Bytes for All, Pakistan, Media Matters for Democracy and the Association for Progressive Communications express their grave concerns over the recent development regarding Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill in the national assembly and reject the bill in its current shape.

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Sudan blocks civil society participation in UN-led human rights review

(April 2016, APC )

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Examining Internet Freedom in Latin America: Paraguay country report

By Maricarmen Sequera Buzarquis, TEDIC (March 2016, APC )

Paraguay experienced state and private surveillance during the military dictatorship of Alfredo Stroessner (1954-1989). However, the democratic period is not exempt from similar practices or new forms of abusive intrusion into the lives of citizens.
This report analyses surveillance and violations of basic rights that continue in this democratic period in Paraguay, in other forms including surveillance using the internet.

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Examining Internet Freedom in Latin America: Mexico country report

By Luis Fernando García and Vladimir Chorny, R3D: Red en Defensa de los Derechos Digitales (March 2016, APC )

Mexico’s Constitution recognises the right of access to information and communication technologies (ICTs). However, the population has a low rate of access to the internet. The law recognises net neutrality, including the principles of non-discrimination and free access. However, there is documentary evidence of practices that run contrary to these principles. Meanwhile, the Mexican authorities have augmented their technical and legal powers of surveillance of communications. The legislation does not clearly and precisely identify which authorities are empowered nor in what circumstances surveillance may take place.

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