“In our work, the internet is a main stakeholder”: A feminist talk with Hayriye Avatar at the IGF


The Turkish LGBTI rights organization Kaos GL turns 20 on September 20.

IGF 2014: From Istanbul with love or “honey trap”?


The 9th Internet Governance Forum on 2 -5 September 2014 was held in Istanbul, a city where many lovers from various countries spend their honey moon. People write poems about the blue sea, Sultanahmet mosque and the evil eye.

#WhatAreYouDoingAboutVAW campaign: Social media accountability

On 21 July, Take Back the Tech! began a campaign demanding to know what Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are doing about violence against women on their sites.

Hands off my internet! Abortion stigmas - accessing and controlling information on reproductive rights

Accessing information on the internet about abortion services and reproductive health empowers women and girls! In many situations, the internet is the only means to access critical information on fundamental rights and freedoms and the right to health.

Emma Watson, trolls and a feminist internet

KUALA LUMPUR 25 September 2014 (Jac sm Kee for

Within days of her highly visible and publicised speech, Emma Watson became the subject and target of violence. The threat and reality of using women’s sexualised bodies as weapons to humiliate them, shut them up or blackmail them into submission are increasingly prevalent expressions of violence against women online. Jac sm Kee, APC´s Women´s Rights Programme manager, shares her insights on the emerging reactions, and also criticises the framing of the UN #HeForShe campaign, as it seems to position women as passive subjects needing to be rescued.

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APC at the Human Rights Council 27th session (#HRC27)

Activists talk censorship and circumvention at Disco-tech Istanbul

JOHANNESBURG 22 September 2014 (Alexandra Groome for APCNews)

On 1 September 2014, APC, Tactical Tech and Web Foundation brought together over 150 techies, human rights defenders and rights activists in Istanbul to attend the ninth Internet Governance Forum to a peer-learning event called Disco-tech.

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New APC Board of Directors elected for 2014-2016

PERGAMINO 19 September 2014 (Flavia Fascendini for APCNews)

On 8 June during the APC Member Meeting in Barcelona, Spain, our organisational members elected a new board of directors for the next three years. APC is proud to have a board on which the majority of directors are women and based in the global South.

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Why do the Feminist Principles of the Internet matter?


I was shocked and terrified when I received the above comment in reply to my Facebook status. And it didn’t stop there. The person also sent me a private message on Facebook threatening to rape me. No, this was not a random person I befriended on Facebook.

Women's rights at the 2014 IGF

17 September 2014 ( for APCNews)

Over the years, APC’s Women’s Rights Programme (WRP) has actively participated at the Internet Governance Forum in order to raise questions, issues and linkages between feminism and the internet. The participation of gender advocates in this space has grown every year and this year’s WRP delegation included 23 feminist and queer activists from diverse countries, in addition to many feminist allies from across the four sectors of internet governance. Here is a list of gender and sexuality events that took place at the 2014 IGF in Turkey.

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