Intermediary liability in Kenya
Intermediary liability in Kenya 26 October 2012 Alice Munyua, Grace Githaiga and Victor Kapiyo

The rapid growth in internet access and use in Africa, particularly through the mobile internet, makes it imperative for civil society and for internet companies committed to the free flow of information and freedom of expression to better understand how intermediary liability works (or does not work). This paper looks at the role of internet intermediaries as well as their limitations on enabling communication and facilitating information flows and the recently placed policy focus on interne...

Intermediary liability in Nigeria
Intermediary liability in Nigeria 26 October 2012 'Gbenga Sesan

This paper looks at issues around intermediary liability and the legal and institutional environment in Nigeria, and draws conclusions based on these while making recommendations on how Nigeria can make the best of the on-going legislative processes that will define the liability of intermediaries.

Intermediary liability in Uganda
Intermediary liability in Uganda 26 October 2012 Ashnah Kalemera, Lillian Nalwoga and Wairagala Wakabi

This paper explores regulations relevant to the responsibilities of intermediaries in Uganda. It cites incidences of content takedowns, attempts to block access to internet content, mobile content filtering and media persecutions, and the applicable sections of the law.

Open Letter: Google in Pakistan - Local and global civil society raises eyebrows
Open Letter: Google in Pakistan - Local and global civil society raises eyebrows 29 June 2012

The Association for Progressive Communications and its member group in Pakistan, Bytes For All, is deeply concerned about Google’s latest business trip to Pakistan. Here are a few questions on Google’s planned policy on data retention and collection.

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