Feminist design practices
Feminist design practices 31 May 2022 Akash Sheshadri and Ambika Tandon [1]

Design justice principles call for the process and end result of design to challenge the matrix of domination through practices such as centring the voices of marginalised communities and using collaborative processes to sustain and empower those communities.

New book on disaster communication richly illustrated
New book on disaster communication richly illustrated 19 February 2008 Anupama Saxena & Malathi Subramanian for APCNews

Disaster situations: From the TVE Asia Pacific website. Reference: All of us are aware of the biggest maritime disaster the world has known: the sinking of the ‘unsinkable’ HMS Titanic. But what many of us may not be aware of is that the wireless operators on the Titanic had, in fact, received alerts from other ships about massive icebergs in the vicinity. But the operators, overworked with transmitting private messages of the ship’s wealthy passengers...

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