Open spectrum for development: Brazil case study
Open spectrum for development: Brazil case study 09 March 2011 Carlos Afonso, with collaboration from Jonas Valente

For about 75 years up to the sixties, nearly all telecommunications services in the country were in private hands, distributed among hundreds of local operators. Telephony authorizations were issued and controlled by the state governments. In this process Companhia Telefônica Brasileira (CTB, a subsidiary of the Canadian company Brazilian Traction) emerged as a major operator of local and long-distance services in the majority of the larger Brazilian cities, covering about 80% of the telepho...

Password: EQUITABLE ACCESS 04 October 2007 Karen Banks

Universal access, freedom of expression and invoking the accountability of states are not possible without affordable, equitable access to communications infrastructure. In a world where access and opportunities are unevenly distributed, many information and communication technology (ICT) enthusiasts are developing innovative new solutions to bring people inside the communications revolution, b...

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