GreeningIT resource categories and sub-categories: descriptions

I.ICTs and Climate Change

Includes resources, tools and initiatives that focus on the utlisation of ICTs in predicting, mitigating, and adapting to climate change and its effects.

1) Climate Change Campaigns & Tools
Online climate change campaigns, web-based tools for estimating or reducing the anthropogenic impact on climate – e.g. carbon footprint calculators, power monitoring and energy-saving tools, etc.

2) Climate Change Management
Initiatives, measures, communities of practice and online tools dedicated to climate change mitigation, adaptation, resilience, early warning systems, disaster management, linkages between climate change and development, etc.

3) Climate Change Science & Research
Scientific background and research on climate change, climate-related datasets, climate change scenarios, models, visualisations, graphs, documents.

4) Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions
Tools and resources on Kyoto protocol-related ‘Flexible mechanisms’, greenhouse gas inventories, methodologies for calculating GHG emissions and savings, carbon credits, etc.

II.ICTs and Environmental Sustainability

Includes resources, tools and initiatives that focus on the utilisation of ICTs in all fields related to environmental sustainability, except for climate change: i.e., environmental online media & campaigns, environmental monitoring, GIS & remote sensing, environmental decision support tools, etc.


1) Environmental Campaigns & Tools
Web-based campaigning and information tools on environmental issues, excluding climate-change related topics.

2) Environmental Communication & Education
Online media and communication initiatives covering environmental issues.

3) Environmental Management & Decision Support
Tools in support of decision-making in environmental management, using ICTs.

4) Environmental Science & Research
Scientific research and tools on environmental sustainability issues, powered by ICTs.

III. ICTs’ Environmental Impact

Includes resources, tools and initiatives that focus on the environmental impact of ICTs (internet infrastructure, computers and mobile devices) throughout their lifecycle. It also includes research on the potential far-reaching, long-term effects of ICT use on production and consumption patterns and the global economy.

1) E-services & Dematerialisation
Resources focusing on the far-reaching long-term potential impacts of ICT use on global production and consumption patterns, second and third-order effects on the global economy and implications for the environmental impact of ICTs.

2) E-waste
Resources and campaigns on problems and solutions related to end-of-life ICT devices (internet infrastructure components, computers and mobile phones).

3) Sustainable ICT Production & Consumption
Initiatives and resources for improving lifecycle management of ICTs’ environmental impact, including environmental friendly product design, policy measures, corporate efforts, energy efficiency measures, etc.

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