Ecuador: Inputs from civil society for the formulation of the Communication Law

Raquel Escobar Guevara

The objective of this action was to include civil society’s perspective on the right to communication in Ecuador’s new communications law. This law, which should be approved in 2009, comes out of the Andean country’s new constitution. Civil society actively participated in the constitutional process and was successful in incorporating aspects related to the right to communication.

The proposal from civil society aims to establish the communication, telecommunication, media sectors and their regulation, as a multi-disciplinarily, as part of the human right to communication from a perspective of democratisation. Towards this end AndinaTIC Ecuador, in conjunction with other civil society organisations and specialised consultants, provided conceptual, legal and technical inputs to government representatives, the National Constituent Assembly (responsible for approving the law) and regulators, to aid in designing the law from a rights perspective.

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