Draft text (11/2009): Code of good practice on information, participation and transparency in Internet governance

Council of Europe

The Council of Europe, UNECE and APC have been reviewing the arrangements for
information and participation in entities concerned with Internet governance since the Rio de Janeiro meeting of the Internet Governance Forum in 2007.

These organisations hope that a code of good practice on information, participation and transparency in internet governance can secure agreement and adoption within the Internet community, and thereby:

a) provide stakeholders who have an interest in Internet governance with guidelines they can use in their efforts to improve information, participation and transparency; and

b) maintain and enhance inclusive engagement with Internet governance as the Internet becomes increasingly important in society and increasingly interconnected with other public policy spheres.

This document includes a first draft text for such a code. The draft text which follows has emerged from the project’s research into existing Internet governance practice and from public and private discussions with a variety of actors and stakeholders, concerning what such a code of practice might contain.

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