African blogs on ICT for development

Publication date: 
May 2008
Karel Novotný

As part of its research activities, APC has compiled a list of African ICT blogs. Thematically, most of them focus on ICT4D issues, although some others deal rather with online journalism, ICT policy, freedom of expression, or other related issues.

Both very generally focused blogs are represented (ICT in Africa), as well as blogs looking at specific issues (alternative energy sources). The list includes both blogs from individual bloggers, as well as some relevant blogs by groups, NGOs or private companies.

This list of African blogs is by no means exhaustive, and particularly blogs in French, Arabic and Portuguese are under-represented. If you know of any other relevant blogs that should be featured here, add them as comments to this post or send a message to

The list can be also downloaded as an OpenOffice spreadsheet document or as MS Excel file.

Blog aggregators

Afrigator Aggregator of African blogs, including blogs focused on ICT4D, advocacy, etc. Language: En

Africa &ICT Aggregated blogs about Africa&ICT @ Wordpress Language: En

Amatomu South African blog aggregator featuring also ‘technology’ category Language: En

Blogging Africa – Pambazuka News News service on African blogs on all types of issues related to social justice in Africa Language: En

Inexhaustive list of African blogs and web 2.0 sites Inexhaustive list of African blogs and web 2.0 sites on wiki Language: En

Blogs Blog by Ewan Sutherland on (also African) telecoms and regulations. Language: En

Africa Blog Blog on issues related to HIV/AIDS and ICTs in Africa, handheld computers in development, ICT4D, PDA’s for development, poverty, telecoms for development… Language: En

AfriGadget Solving everyday problems with African ingenuity – One of the blog’s sections is dedicated to communication technology Language: En

Aluka Blog Aluka blog – Building a digital library of scholarly resources from and about Africa Language: En

Anything ICT and Open Source Blog by Ghanean ICT and open source acttivist and enthusiast Charles Amega-Selorm Language: En

APC Blog – English Blog of The Association for Progressive Communications APC Language: En

Beer, Coffee, and a Little DSP Blog by David Rowe whose company is specialising on development of low cost wireless and other networking solutions Language: En

Changing Journalism Blog by a Kenyan blogger Rebecca Wanjiku, writing on Journalism, ICTs, digital villages, etc Language: En

Clement Nyirenda’s Blog World Clement Nyirenda’s blog on technology and its use in the fight against poverty Language: En

CodeZed Blog by (and for) People passionate about technology and even more passionate about technology in Zambia. Language: En

e-protesting Ugandans Newly set-up blog by Ugandan blogger Musoke-Kezio David Language: En

Experiences Private blog by Ugandan blogger John Kibuuka – Experiences on things that contribute towards the development of the east African region, with a special focus on on ICT. Language: En

Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa Blog by Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa – focus on ICT4D Language: En

ICT Journalist Blog by Zambian journalist Brenda Zulu, covering conferences and events in relation to ICT4D issues Language: En

In an African Minute Joshua Goldstein’s blog on issues related to Internet & Democracy, ICT4D, etc… Language: En

Info Zone Ghanian blogger Henry Addo on technology Language: En

Jackfruity Jackfruity is the blog of Rebekah Heacock, a 23-year-old digital media habitue from Lawrence, KS. She writes about conflict, aid & development Language: En

Jespin Tanzania A blog about technology, politics and life in Tanzania Language: En

Kabissa Portal containing also blog by several bloggesr interested in ICT4D issues Language: En Blog by Ghanian ICT activist Kafui Amenu Prebbie Language: En

Kenyan Pundit Blog by Ory Okolloh – a lawyer, a political activist and a blogger. She is the co-founder of Mzalendo a website that tracks the performance of Kenyan Members of Parliament, and the co-founder of Ushahidi, a website that grew out of the political crisis in Kenya and that maps both incidents of violence and peace efforts. One of her blog’s section focuses on technology Language: En

Many Possibilities Blog on ICT4D-related issues in Africa by Steve Song Language: En

Mbarika Notes Blog on bridging digital divide in Africa by ICT consultant Victor W. Mbarika Language: En

Me Private blog of Ugandean ICT trainer and advocate Lillian Nalvoga Language: En

Mona Eltahawy Blog by US-based Egyptian Mona Eltahawy on politics, freedom of expression and technology Language: En

My Hearth’s in Accra Ethan Zuckerman’s blog on Africa Language: En

N’cho blog A blog by US blogger Gene Smith – Africa 2.0 – looking at how the rise of user-generated content and innovations in internet connectivity are impacting Africa Language: En

Nakaseke CMC & Library Blog of Ugandan telecentre Nakaseke. This CMC is part of a series of piloted Telecentre established to test, disseminate and assess the impact and viability of CMCs in Africa Language: En Discussion on sustainable business models that address the needs of the world’s poorest citizens. Language: En

Ore’s Notes Life in Lagos, nonprofits, technology – Oreoluwa Somolu’s personal blog Language: En

PenPlusBytes It consists of a network of media organizations and journalists interested in using ICTs effectively to advance journalism. Language: En Blog by Kabissa founder and blogger Tobias Eigen – focus on ICT4D In Africa, web2forDev, use of mobile technology, etc. Language: En
Salam Taki Blog by Salam Taki – Circumferencing information society, information and communication technologies (ICTs), rights, and governance in Uganda, and Southern Sudan Language: En

Scarlet Lion Anonymous Ugandan blogger blogging on technology, politics, war… Language: En

The African Uptimist Blog by Lawrence Agbemabiese – a programme officer at UNEP’s Division of Technology, Industry and Economics. Focus on alternative energy resources Language: En

The Knowledge Commune Blog focused on ICT4D in South Africa Language: En

The Networking for Success Project W.TEC’s project called Networking for Success focused on introducing Nigerian women to web 2.0 and other ICTs Language: En

Timbuktu Chronicles Emeka Okafor’s “view of Africa and Africans with a focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, technology, practical remedies and other self sustaining activities” Language: En

TK’S Niche Blog by Nigerian blogger Toks Adetuyi focusing on social issues and technology (particularly open source) Language: En

TylerReed Blog on strategic use of ICTs by South African blogger Tyler Reed Language: En

Ushahidi Open blog collecting violent incidents in Western Kenya Language: En

What an African Woman Thinks Blog primarily on African politics and media by an anonymous blogger Language: En

White African Erik Hersman’s blog about technology and how it is impacting, and can change, Africa Language: En

Women’s Technology Empoweremnt Centre (W.TEC) Blog of the Women’s Technology Empoweremnt Centre (W.TEC). Language: En

Manal and Alaa’s bit bucket free speech from the bletches Blog on technology and freedom of expression by Egyptian bloggers Manal Hassan and Alaa Abdel Fattah Language: En, Arabic

Africa 2.0 Blog on technology by number of African bloggers Language: Fr

APC Blog – French Blog of The Association for Progressive Communications APC Language: Fr

BAW – Blog for African Women Language: Fr

Burkina NTIC Portal for the use of ICTs for development in Burkina Faso Language: Fr

Jibril TOUZI | ICT4D Blog in Africa Blog on technology with particular focus on open source by Jibril Touzi Language: Fr

Le blog de Mehdi “Blog Marocain” NTIC & Telecom Language: Fr

Iafric News Blog on ICT & development in Bénin and Africa Language: Fr

Made in Bénin Blog on technology by Beninese blogger Mathias Houngbo Language: Fr

Rural-Urban Digital School Mission Personal blog of Dedan Kimathi, an ICT advocate from Nairobi and itrainer Language: Fr

Youssef Boubia – NTIC Blog Blog on ICT & development by the blogger Youssef Boubia Language: Fr

WEB 2: acteurs, chiffres clé, outils, tendances, actus Blog focused on web2 and social networking (tools, keys actors, relation web 2 and ICT for dev…) Language: Fr

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