Closer Than Ever: A guide for social change organisations who want to start working online

Margarita Salas

This guide brings together the voices of APC members, partners (people and groups we work with – online of course), consultants and staff and shares their views and experience on working online for social change. Their perspectives are the basis for this guide.

This guide is organised in a sequence that follows the level of importance that the people interviewed placed on each issue. For example, the first chapter is about people, because there was general consensus among the interviewees that the most important aspect of working online for social change is getting the right people involved in the work – people with leadership, commitment, know-how and creativity who can become a true driving force. Of course, once the right people are involved, there need to be procedures to organise their work together and tools to support the different working procedures.

We end with a few experiences we’ve had working online. We hope they’ll encourage your organisation to harness the potential of online work for your causes and that this practical guide based on APC’s experience with online work can help you develop and implement efficient ways to work online for social change.

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