2013 IFLA Trend Report

Publication date: 
August 2013
International Federation of Library Associations

The IFLA Trend Report is a collection of resources to explain how libraries fit into a changing society. The 2013 report includes the starter resource “Riding the Waves or Caught in the Tide?” that is available for download from the site.
Additionally, background resources such as bibliography, literature reviews and expert synthesis are presented on the main website where discussion forums continue to keep the issues alive and evolving.
APC’s Anriette Esterhuysen contributed to the report in a section titled “The vulnerability of new technologies to over-regulation.” Esterhuysen explains “The future as far as content creation and the rights of both creators, as well as those who want to use and share content will be contested. The risk is that it will not be given a chance to play itself out with the protagonists finding new solutions that effectively balance interests while also respecting the rights to access and share information because the stage on which this contest is taking place is so dominated at present by interest groups representing the distributors, and the governments that they get on their side through very intensive and expensive lobbying.”

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