This section is an active and comprehensive repository of the latest research reports, policy and issue papers, presentations, statements and positions, toolkits, guides, and other relevant publications produced by APC and its members and partners.


APC-wide activities
Prodder: NGOs and Development in South Africa 2008 05 March 2008

The ultimate objective of the new Prodder Directory is to disseminate information about organisations and institutions involved in South Africa’s development and raise awareness about their work. It provides a reference point for donors and other stakeholders that want to engage with the NG...

Statement from APC on the IGF open consultations, Geneva, February 2008 01 February 2008 Policy programme

The first preparatory meeting for the next Internet Governance Forum (scheduled for December 2008 in India) was held in Geneva on 26 February 2008. APC issued a statement recommending the implementation of regional and national IGFs, using sustainable development as a key theme and advising on th...

World Summit on the Information Society Phase II, Tunis, PrepCom I Report
World Summit on the Information Society Phase II, Tunis, PrepCom I Report 16 January 2008 Karen Banks

This report touches on issues such as the human rights and ‘north-south’ agendas, as well as the preparation by civil society in the WSIS process up to 2004. It includes brief observations, suggested discussion points and strategies needed to protect and strengthen civil society participation...

ItrainOnline Multimedia Training Kit (MMTK)
ItrainOnline Multimedia Training Kit (MMTK) 26 December 2007

The ItrainOnline Multimedia Training Kit (MMTK) is a collection of workshop kits to help trainers working with telecentres, NGOs, community media organisations and the development sector to present effective training courses on a wide range of ICTs and non-ICT topics.

APC Annual Report 2002
APC Annual Report 2002 17 December 2007 APC

In the course of 2002 APC focused its energies primarily in two areas: strategic use of ICTs by civil society and engaging civil society in ICT policy processes. The use of ICTs by civil society has been central to APC since its founding. We have been working on ICT policy issues since 2000 when ...

APC Annual Report 2000
APC Annual Report 2000 17 December 2007 APC

In many ways, the year 2000 was a turning point for APC. The communications revolution of the previous ten years had been both a great challenge and an opportunity. By the mid-1990s, our members were forced to make the transition from being pioneers in the use of online communication to facing in...

APC Annual Report 2003
APC Annual Report 2003 14 December 2007 APC

The year 2003 was memorable for one particular process that galvanised APC’s efforts – the World Summit on the Information Society which took place in Geneva in December 2003. WSIS was a watershed in public participation as information and communications policy shifted from the obscur...

Evaluation report on APC's Communications and Information Policy Programme
Evaluation report on APC's Communications and Information Policy Programme 13 December 2007 Debbie Budlender

From August 2005 until April 2006, an evaluation of APC’s information and communication technology (ICT) policy involvement from 2002 to mid-2005 was carried out by an independent consultant. “The overall conclusion from this evaluation has to be that APC is an energetic, active, committed or...

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