This section is an active and comprehensive repository of the latest research reports, policy and issue papers, presentations, statements and positions, toolkits, guides, and other relevant publications produced by APC and its members and partners.


APC-wide activities
ICTs, the Environment and Climate Change 04 August 2010

An initiative by The Committee for Information, Computer and Communications Policy (ICCP) – OECD. The ICCP contributes to the development of policies to meet the opportunities and challenges of electronic commerce and ensuring that its benefits are widely shared, and to improve our grasp o...

Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group 04 August 2010

The research group addresses issues of sustainable consumption and environmental and social justice. The research focuses on e-waste, environmental issues-related advocacy, etc. Main activities include capacity building for green jobs for the informal sector, inclusion of the urban poor in policy...

Regional Platform of Electronic Residues in Latin America and the Caribbean
Regional Platform of Electronic Residues in Latin America and the Caribbean 04 August 2010

The objectives of this regional platform are adequate management and the correct final treatment of e-waste generated in the region. The methodologies which which the regional platform operates are applied research and capacity building. 04 August 2010

OneClimate is an action hub on climate change. It uses innovative spaces and tools to enable users to share experiences, knowledge, insights, questions and answers about climate change. organized Live Stream from Copenhagen Climate Change Talks into Second Life to enable Global par...

Climate CoLab
Climate CoLab 04 August 2010

Climate Collaboratorium aims to harness the collective intelligence of thousands of people around the world to address global climate change by developing a global, on-line forum in which people can create, analyze, and ultimately select detailed plans for what we humans can do about global clima...

GetUp! Action for Australia
GetUp! Action for Australia 04 August 2010

GetUp is a grass-roots progressive advocacy movement and a social networking website, organising targeted strategic actions on many social and political issues, with a strong emphasis on climate change and public participation. Member activities include: signing a petition, engaging with the medi...

Avaaz 04 August 2010

Avaaz is one of the largest online activist networks with a strong political agenda aimed at closing the gap between the rich and poor regions. Many of Avaaz campaigns are focusing on issues related to Climate Change, powered by petitions, press and TV ads, and many other online campaign tools.Av...

Texas Campaign for the Environment
Texas Campaign for the Environment 04 August 2010

A non-profit organization campaigning for Texans to tackle e-waste and other issues. TCE is related to the TCE Fund, which also focuses on e-waste, providing detailed information, research and suggestions for individual action.

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