This section is an active and comprehensive repository of the latest research reports, policy and issue papers, presentations, statements and positions, toolkits, guides, and other relevant publications produced by APC and its members and partners.


APC-wide activities
DRC internet backbone feasability study 01 November 2007

Independent feasibility study on the implementation of a vast infrastructure the size of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Carried out by Congolese researchers with the support of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), the company Xit Télécom, and the Association for Progre...

Frequently asked questions about multi-stakeholder partnerships in ICTs for development: A guide for national ICT policy animators 14 September 2007 Lishan Adam, Tina James and Alice Munyua Wanjira

This guide is an attempt to add to the growing body of knowledge and experience on multi-stakeholder processes and partnerships, based on the practical experiences encountered during the three-year CATIA project on ICT policy advocacy.

APC Annual Report 2005
APC Annual Report 2005 24 August 2007 APC

APC’s fifteenth year will be remembered with a sense of bereavement as well as achievement. Networks gain their energy and character from the people inside them, and the loss of a close network partner makes a difference. One of APC’s longest-serving council and board members, Chris Nicol fro...

APC Annual Report 2006
APC Annual Report 2006 23 August 2007 APC

Training communities to set up wireless internet access points using empty tin cans, “taking back the tech!” to combat violence against women and keeping the focus of the world’s governments on the importance of affordable internet access. “APC’s approach to open access is people-o...

Beyond tools: Technology as a feminist agenda
Beyond tools: Technology as a feminist agenda 22 August 2007 Chat García Ramilo

Monitoring ICT policy in Latin America
Monitoring ICT policy in Latin America 22 August 2007 APC

APC’s ICT policy projects monitor relevant policy developments at national and regional levels. This involves research, building online content (through websites and e-newsletters) and networks, and implementing capacity-building workshops with civil society organisations.

Associating Gender with ICT policy
Associating Gender with ICT policy 22 August 2007 Katerina Fialova

Open Access: Lowering the costs of international bandwidth in Africa
Open Access: Lowering the costs of international bandwidth in Africa 22 August 2007 Mike Jensen

This paper was commissioned by the APC as part of the Catalysing Access to ICTs in Africa initiative and to contribute to APC’s efforts to promote open access to ICT infrastructure in Africa. According to the author, a variety of factors are responsible for the lack of acess to bandwith in ...

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