Project grants for local implementation of APC’s strategic plan in 2019


These grants of up to USD 20,000 are for projects that contribute to the implementation of APC’s strategic plan at the national level. At the same time, they are meant to strengthen ongoing work by APC members that is linked to APC’s strategic priorities. In their proposals, members should demonstrate how their projects contribute to one or more key result areas in APC’s Theory of Change at the local level and specify the strategies identified for each of them. Project activities can include research, advocacy, network and movement building, capacity building and communications. All projects should integrate a gender and rights-based perspective. Selected projects are being implemented for a period of 6-12 months, until December 2019.

List of selected projects for 2019:


Summaries of selected project grants (2019)

Kéfir: Free/libre and autonomous digital ecosystems for high-risk activist groups in Latin America

There is growing awareness among activist groups in Latin America of the generalised and specific surveillance on the internet, online violence and unequal power dynamics rendered by capitalism. However, many activists are still dependent on corporate providers like Google, Facebook and Dropbox to store their data and communicate online. These groups not only lack options of alternative internet service providers (ISPs) who offer data sovereignty and safer communications, but also spaces where they can actively shape digital landscapes in a way that is meaningful in their social transformation. Kéfir seeks to change this status quo by engaging with activist groups in Mexico and Argentina in meaningful free/libre digital technology appropriation through the adoption of a more conscious, safer and assertive attitude towards tech, with a particular focus on encouraging agency among excluded groups. As part of the project, Kéfir will work with high-risk activist groups in Mexico and Argentina, providing them with internet infrastructure, capacity building on the safe and resilient use of ICTs and enabling co-design of frameworks, interfaces and collaborative workflows that are inclusive. In collaboration with target groups, and as a way to create valuable commons, Kéfir will also work to localise content aimed at explaining what internet infrastructure is, how it works and the applications of free/libre tech in activism. The main goal of this project is to raise awareness on the importance of autonomous, trans-feminist and community-based internet infrastructure and enhance a more meaningful and contextualised free/libre technology migration experience among activist and social movement groups in Latin America.



These grants are made possible with the support of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida)

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